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Jordan taylor photography

Create with Intention

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Wedding photography created with quality in mind.


Photographs are more than just a click and done. Well at least to me.

There is a purpose behind every image - a reason to make you laugh, cry, smile, and feel something. These memories are your legacy, and I believe the priority should be on you & your love. Through intentional story-telling and editorial wedding images, I’m paving the way for a higher standard.


We’ll make

every moment count.

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“You know when you’re somewhere, watching the sunset, and you try to take a photo but deep inside you know the photo will never look as beautiful as it does in person? Well Jordan captures that sunset and makes it look even better. And then she adds you in the picture and makes you feel like you could totally compete with that sunset.”

- Ness

creative, comfortable, and colorful


“Can I please give her ten stars, or maybe 15?

Seriously, this woman BREAKS THE MOLD for photographers.

Jordan is the most thoughtful, sincere person I've met in a long time. By the end of the wedding, I felt like I'd truly made a new friend! She just went way beyond "above-and-beyond"

- Rebecca


Create with Intention

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