My name is Jordan Taylor, and I'm very much of a perfectionist. However, I've learned that perfection is a never-ending race; it only exhausts me. So with that said, I find that it's okay to be spontaneous and adventurous. "Perfect moments" simply don't exist. If everything was perfect, then we would all have the same story, wouldn't we? 

The paramount chapter of my story began in Tulsa, OK in the summer of 2017. I married the love of my life, Noah, and since then, we have become a happy family of three: Noah, myself, and our sweet rescue: Benjamin (he's a scruffy, stubborn, long-haired dachshund that stole our hearts the moment we met him.) 

But let's go a little further back in my story where I found a passion for photography. I had always been a creative at heart, ever since I was a little one. As high school was approaching, I took an interest in photography, creating and cultivating on my own, until I attended a technical school for Photography. I then began learning the art of Photography in technical, classical, and creative genres with the most amazing instructors. I've competed in multiple competitions, including SkillsUSA where I placed 1st regionally, 1st state-wide, and 3rd nationally as a high-school student. I'm now out of school, working as a full-time photographer, and loving EVERY MOMENT of it. I find so much passion + joy in what I do. Though photography began as a hobby for me (and sometimes still feels like one), it has become such a rewarding career.

So, I've told you my story... I think it's time you tell me yours: Get Connected.

I am Jordan Taylor, and I CREATE WITH INTENTION.