Golden Hour Couple Session at Gloss Mountain State Park

A couple session at the Gloss Mountain State Park in Fairview, OK will give you one of the best sunsets you’ve ever experienced.

Alex & Sarah have been married for 4 years now, but they haven’t gotten any photos done since the wedding, and to go even further, any couple photos since their engagement session! Sarah contacted me, admitting that she thought it was about time that changed & that her & Alex wanted anniversary photos to celebrate. I think that this stunning adventure session at one of Oklahoma’s greatest state parks was definitely worth waiting for. After a 2.5 hour drive from Tulsa, we arrived to the park & started exploring around the mountain – frolicking through grass (a little harder than it looks tbh), finding the sunlight, and fully getting the most out of our desert location. In the summertime at Gloss Mountains, it tends to attract very hot weather, but with our fall date, we caught a day with the most perfect weather (I’m talking light breeze and no chance for sweat).

Getting to meet Alex & Sarah was so refreshing! They are both first responders – Alex being a firefighter & Sarah a EMT. Hearing about their jobs & daily life in the middle of Covid was so interesting & I’m so thankful for people like them that have been working so hard in the midst of this pandemic. Plus, they are super rad people who know how to have fun, laugh with each other, and obsess over The Office. The best kind in my book.

Gloss Mountain Adventure Couple Session

Couple | Alex & Sarah

Photographer | Jordan Taylor Photography

Location | Gloss Mountain State Park in Fairview, Oklahoma

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