Quirky Downtown Couple Session at Imaginative Museum

Ever wondered what happens when you’re married for 8 years?

You get more fun & quirky with each other the longer you’re together. At least that’s what happened in Adam & Alex’s case. After 8 years of marriage & a daughter, Adam & Alex consistently still laugh with each other by means of silly dancing, faces, and bubble gum. They’ve moved far & traveled often. There was a point where they would take mini trips to new cities together and hire a photographer for an hour session & Alex contacted me in hopes of starting this up again when the weekend came that they would once again be back in Tulsa.

To encompass the Tulsa Arts District in Adam & Alex’s couple session, we started at Magic City Books, which then led us to discovering AHHA Tulsa’s art gallery and “The Experience: Imagine” exhibit with light installations, bold colors, & neon lights – a mixture for some really cool photos. Somehow, we were able to both capture their classy, neutral side as well as their lively, vibrant style within one part of Tulsa. After seeing AHHA Tulsa, we made our way over to Guthrie Green & pulled out the bubbles. Some christmas lights, bubbles, and cartwheels later, we ended as the blue hour fell upon us & finished off with a meal at Lonewolf.

Vibrant Anniversary Session at Tulsa Museum

Photographer | Jordan Taylor Photography

Location | Magic City Books, AHHA Tulsa, Guthrie Green

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