Engagement Session at Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

When I first pictured a prairie – I thought that it’s likely “flat, boring, and featureless.” But holy wow, how could I be more wrong in that assumption?

For Bryan & Jessica’s engagement session, we were on the search for a location that combined nature & whimsey all into one. Add a few scenes that look like a PC desktop backdrop in the mix, and you got yourself a starting idea for a location. Tallgrass Prairie Preserve has always been on my mind as a potential place for photos, but as stated before, I wasn’t quite sure how much the location actually had to offer. Let me tell you – the photos on Google do NOT do it justice – that’s for sure. Sometimes, my absolute favorite spots are blank canvases (hence why I’m so drawn to studio photography, but that’s besides the point.) Minimalism inspires creativity & brings the focus back to your subject – which in this case, was Bryan & Jessica who deserved the entire spotlight & the rest of the stage.

We arrived to the center of the prairie to meet up & begin, then carpooled our way across the preserve – stopping at scenic views with bison roaming across endless green that extended to the bluest sky you’ll ever experience. Genuinely – I could not take these moments in enough. The landscape felt infinite.

After a span of two hours, the evening ended with a vibrant sunset over the panoramic, rolling hills. Who were at first very skeptical of photos, Bryan & Jessica came to be fans of my guidance & process. I may sound like a broken record at this point, but this is why having a photographer with a personality you vibe with is important. You may not like having your photos taken – heck – you might absolute dread it. But if you have a person behind the camera that is fully cheering you on & making the session actually FUN – you might just change your mind. 😉

Tallgrass Prairie Preserve Couple Photos

Photographer | Jordan Taylor Photography

Location | Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

Couple | Bryan & Jessica

Come to love having your photos taken with me. I promise I’ll make it fun.