6 Ways to Make Getting Ready on the Wedding Day Easier

The getting ready portion of your wedding day is one of the most essential parts.

If you start out stressed, it may very well carry with you for the rest of the day.

If you’re calm, cool, and collected, there will be no reason to be tense!

Plan ahead, because things happen.

Allowing yourself some cushion time will ease the worry.

Here are 6 Ways to Make Getting Ready much smoother!


Less Stress without a Mess!

– Assign a family member or bridesmaid to help keep the room tidy & neat before your photographer arrives. Trust me. You’ll be much happier to know someone’s panties aren’t hanging out in the background!

– Decluttering will also help raise the atmosphere in the room. It will feel less chaotic!

2. Adequate Lighting

– Your best bet is to find a bridal & groom suite with plenty of windows. Try to have a few windows open to let in the soft, pretty light. I can’t tell you how much of a difference window lighting can make on your wedding day!
– If you’re having trouble finding a space with window light, search for vanity lights on the mirrors.

Don’t have a venue suite?

– Rent an AirBnB or hotel room! Perfect chance for a pre-wedding sleepover!

3. Schedule time to put on the dress

– Give yourself 30 minutes to put on your dress, jewelry, garter, veil, and shoes. Those intricate buttons will take longer than you think!

– Generally, this is a beautiful, private moment between the bride & a special loved one.

– Be sure your loved one knows to be in wedding attire by the time this moment arrives.


4. Give yourself an hour of buffer time

– You’ll never guess what tends to set the entire wedding day back. Well, maybe you will.
Hair & Make-up is a tedious process, especially if your bridesmaids are getting theirs done as well.

– Give yourselves some saving grace, just in case getting ready takes longer than you expect.

5. The bride should have her hair & makeup done first

– There have been countless times where I see the bridesmaids are done getting ready, but the bride is having to rush, because she went last.

– If the bride is ready first, then you can put on your dress & take bridal photos while your bridesmaids are still getting ready!

7. Hide the couple at least 30 minutes before the ceremony

– Guests are arriving earlier and earilier now-a-days. Don’t be seen and be sure to tuck away to the venue suites to hide!

– This is a chance for the photographer to take images of the ceremony & reception setup.


Above all else

Enjoy It.

You get to set the pace for your wedding day.