Bubbly & Bright Wedding, Glass Chapel

A refreshing breath of air is how I would describe Tyler & Zoe’s summer wedding at the Glass Chapel.

Tyler & Zoe had to postpone their wedding when COVID-19 decided to move into town. Tyler is in the Marine Corps, stationed in California, and due to the military travel ban, they had to push it all back. Zoe then contacted me as this was happening, because at this point, why not also make a photographer happen? Being one of the most bubbly people I’ve ever met, Zoe is also kind & strong. She had to REPLAN the wedding all over again all while she was longing to see Tyler, who she had not seen since the engagement.

They met working at a candy store and remained good friends for years. When Tyler was about to join the Marine Corps, Zoe thought she would never see him again. Little did they know that they would keep in touch and grow even more of a friendship. Tyler would stand on a chair to put his phone next to the window, just so he could get enough service to talk to Zoe. As time passed, Tyler’s persistence in pursuing Zoe eventually led to him flying from CA to OK on Christmas break to ask Zoe out on their first real date. *cries*

Zoe favorite thing about their relationship is the love, humor, faith, and passion. “We have been on quite the journey just to be with each other. There is no amount of money or distance that we have let separate us.” So, finally, the wedding came, and Tyler & Zoe were able to celebrate all of the hard work that has been poured into their relationship with friends and family. Zoe says: As long as they are together, anywhere can be special.

Tyler & Zoe | Wedding Day

Photographer | Jordan Taylor Photography

Venue | Glass Chapel

Florist | The French Bouquet

Rentals | Party Pro Rents

Dress | David’s Bridal

Catering | Just Catering by Orr

Cake | Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery

DJ | LionsRoad

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