Is Scheduling my Engagement Session during Golden Hour Important?

Maybe you’re wondering: “why is it important to schedule my engagement session during golden hour? How will it affect our photos?”

What is Golden Hour?

Golden hour light is magical & romantic: a photographer’s dream. Essentially, golden hour is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. And if you can schedule your session around it, you’ll be happy you did.

Engagement Session during Golden Hour, Is Scheduling my Engagement Session during Golden Hour Important?, Jordan Taylor Photography

Why should I schedule my session during golden hour?

If you’ve ever tried to schedule a photo session, your photographer has probably mentioned that golden hour has the prettiest light. I know I have! When the sun is beaming down on you at 12:00pm in broad daylight, it’s going to cause very unflattering shadows on your eyes, highlight any hair out of place, and accentuate flawed skin.

Golden hour creates soft & even lighting, which comes in at an angle and gives off such a happy atmosphere.

What if I can’t schedule my session during golden hour?

I know how to work my light (don’t you worry), and there are ways to avoiding harsh lighting conditions! Beautiful photos can be taken in any scenario. Not at all do I think we should restrict ourselves to just golden hour, however, we will take cautionary actions to avoid full-on harsh light.

How to avoid harsh light:

+ Find shade (in the city, under trees, below an awning, etc.)

+ Location scout for indoor options (studio, coffee shop, library, etc.)

+ Embrace the harsh light and get creative

3 Reasons to Schedule during Golden Hour

1. Lighting

The light is soft & dreamy. (Have I mentioned that yet?) It’s the perfect time to capture light flares streaming in from behind or the side, which can make for a gorgeous photo.

2. Variety

Golden hour brings so much potential for creativity, from dramatic to light and airy. Use the long shadows the sun produces, backlight your subjects for lens flares, position the sun to the side for a warm glow, or face the sun straight on for drama! There are many different angles and perspectives available during golden hour.

3. No Squinting

Whether the light is bouncing up from the ground into your eyes or you’re standing straight in the sun, squinting is hard to avoid during the day. When you shoot within golden hour, the light is filtered from the side, and it’s much easier to keep your eyes open and relaxed.

I’m ready to schedule an engagement session. How do I do that?

Let’s create some magic! Tell me all about your golden hour dreams by contacting me!