How to Elevate your Engagement Session

Are you thinking about your engagement session and feeling overwhelmed? Are you stuck on how you want them to look and feel? Don’t know where to start? This is very common & I have a way to solve your problem.

5 Steps to an Engagement Session that feels luxurious, but most of all, true to you!

1. Allow yourself to dream about the possibilities of your session. 

You don’t have to fit into any box. Your personalities & relationship deserve to be highlight of your session, so we will incorporate details that you feel will fit your own style. Let’s not be trendy just for trends sake – do it because it makes YOU feel GOOD. 

2. Create a mood / Pinterest board & start pinning images you gravitate towards.

You’ll start to notice a consistent style you’re drawn to within the board. This will help you solidify the creative direction you want to go in. 

3. Take note of the location types & details that are apparent in your mood board.

You might start to see that many of the photos are taken in a studio or incorporate florals. Maybe their hair or makeup is done a certain way. There could be a specific style of clothing, accessories, or shoes that you like. Write down what you notice.

4. Elevate the look & feel of your session by prioritizing those details

Budget for the items that are important to you. Hire a florist. Get your hair & makeup done. Rent clothing. Reserve a location. Get a team together that can take the stress off your shoulders. There are so many ways to customize your session – take advantage! 

5. Pay attention to the photography style of the images you pinned.

All of this planning will be for nothing if you don’t have a photographer that fits the style you’re wanting to achieve. Be sure you like both their personality, shooting style, AND editing! Make your creative vision & time worth it. Your photographer is essential to you loving the final images.

Read “How to Have a Fun Photography Experience” to learn more about picking your photographer!

Most of all – remember that you don’t have to make your session something you’re not. The goal is to still love your photos years down the road & look back on a really fun & exciting time in your lives. 

Let’s make finding your engagement session style even easier…

Jordan Taylor is an elopement photographer based in Seattle, Washington – serving the Pacific Northwest. Her vibrant style is romantic & true-to-color, and she has the personality that will give you a stress-free & fun photography experience!