How to get the Best Wedding Detail Photos

It’s very likely that this is the first time you’re getting married, which means that aspects of wedding planning & photography can easily slip through the cracks.

Happy day, though!

I’m here to help you through an important element of your wedding day photography. I’ve been a part of MANY weddings in recent years, and in my experience, most couples picture the sweet bride and groom photos or sentimental moments when thinking about their photography.

But have you thought about the little details?

You may have seen the photos I’m talking about – the pretty images of the rings, florals, shoes, invitations, etc.

All of these special touches were chosen intentionally, and I want to help you document these items in an exceptional way. Not only will these images look GORGEOUS in a wedding album, but years from now, these simple photos will spark remembrance in the anticipation and joy of your wedding day!

So, the question is…

How can you ensure your photographer will take the best photos possible of your wedding details?


1. Include 45 Minutes for Detail Photography in the Timeline

This number may surprise you. It’s surprising to most how much time it can take to photograph the details. BUT, a great photographer will not just find the invitation and click a button; they will search for the beautiful background and light, intentionally style the invitation suite to show off the design, and frame a pleasant composition of the setup in several perspectives. Now multiply the process with the invitations with your number of details you have.

It’s important that you allow

adequate time for detail styling,

that way, your photographer can design these shots with purpose.

I prefer to include at least thirty to forty five minutes for detail photography. Since I tend to work with a second photographer, one of us can be focused on moments of the bride getting ready, while the other documents all of the stunning details.

2. Provide a Location for Detail Photos

A clutter-free, window-lit space will be perfect for the detail set-ups! The area doesn’t have to be large; even if it’s on the bed, on the coffee-table, or on the floor, it will do! If you’re not able to offer a space for detail shots in the getting ready room, don’t be shocked to see your photographer take your details to a separate room or even outdoors to find a clean background!

3. Gather the Right Supplies

Before I go over the staple items of details, gathering the supplies to elevate your items will make all of the difference! How long did you spend choosing your wedding gown, waiting for it to arrive, and hanging in there while the alterations were made to only have your gorgeous dress arrive on a plastic/wire hanger? Because SAME! You and your dress deserve more. Finding a cute hanger will make your dress look just as special as it made you feel – you can find inexpensive wooden or satin hangers online (or browse Etsy for your very own custom hanger)! You can even go as far as finding hangers for the bridesmaid dresses, too. Another great, elevating element would be a nice ring box. Styling options, such as additional floral cuttings, extra ribbon from the bouquet, and lovely stamps will help your photographer create album-worthy images of your details.

4. Collect the Details

Sit down and make a list of detail items you would like to have photographed well before the wedding day. After completion of the list, share it with your photographer and entrust the list to someone who will be with you in your getting ready space. Time is detrimental in your wedding photography coverage, so having someone gather all of those items together by the time the photographer has arrived will ensure time is used wisely.

Items to Include in the List:

• TWO clean copies of your wedding invitation suite. (this allows it to be styled with both sides showing in the same photo)
• the rings (engagement ring and bride & groom’s wedding band)
• nice ring box
• bride’s perfume
• bride’s accessories including veil, shoes, jewelry, garter, hair pieces, clutch, etc.
• bouquets and boutonnieres
• groom’s cologne
• groom’s accessories including shoes, tie, watch, cufflinks, tie bar, pocket square, etc.
• additional flowers and ribbon from the florist/florals
• nice hangers for the wedding & bridesmaid dresses
• vow books
• sentimental pieces such as items from your home, hints to hobbies you enjoy, gifts from each other, etc.
• gifts or favors for the guests

Wedding photographers want to give their couples amazing photos of their day, at least I always do! By following these suggestions, your photographer will be SUPER grateful that you’ve made the process easier.

Most importantly though, your photographer will be equipped to create the best detail photos possible – photos that you will treasure forever!