How to have a fun photography experience!!

A comprehensive guide on how to pick the best photographer for you!

You are engaged, WOO!! You’ve picked the elopement location of your dreams. Next on your list is to hire a photographer to capture all of the beautiful and memorable moments of your elopement. You begin to scroll through Google and Instagram but you’re not sure where to begin. You quickly realize that everyone is different, so how are you going to decide which one is the perfect photographer for you?

Let’s dive into some tips to help narrow your search!

Photography Style

Let’s just jump right in with the first decision you should make. Every photographers photos look different, right? There are those that could be considered bright and airy, natural, vibrant, or even dark and moody (and honestly everything in between).

How do you decide what style you like most?

Open up a new tab in your browser and head over to Pinterest. Search for elopement photography and start browsing through elopement photos to see if you have a preference of style. That way, when you start narrowing down your search you can refine it to a specific style like “bright, true to color elopement photographer.” Doing this first will save you time and effort in the end!


Money can be awkward to talk about sometimes, am-i-rite? I know we like to avoid this topic if we can, but it really should be one of the first things you decide on. Everyone has a budget. You and your partner should sit down (or anyone else that is helping you with the elopement expenses) and talk about a realistic budget for your entire elopement, including your budget for an elopement photographer. By setting realistic expectations in the beginning, you are able to begin your photographer search and save yourself time by narrowing out the photographers who may be outside of your budget.

Shooting Style

Let’s take it back to what we talked about with the photographer’s style. Every photographer develops a certain style and aesthetic that fits their brand. Their shooting style also goes into this overall look the photographer is trying to convey. Some photographers like a more posed and rigid shooting style. Some photographers consider themselves documentary or lifestyle photographers and just capture the moments – instead of posing. Then, there are photographers who are a hybrid of the two, those of us that are comfortable with posing, but also capturing all of those fun, candid moments. When looking for a photographer, you should be able to notice what their shooting style is. By finding out the aesthetic you want for your photos early, it will allow you to narrow your photographer search further.


The person you are going to spend the most time with on your elopement day (aside from your partner) is likely going to be your photographer. You should vibe right? How awkward would it be all day if your personalities did not compliment each other. While you likely won’t be able to tell the photographer’s full personality until you meet in person, you should be able to pick up on traits and characteristics based on their online presence. What does the language on their website say to you? What about how they present themselves on social media? Are they strictly professional and business only? Do they have a fun and quirky personality where you feel like you have known them forever? Your photographer should be able to make you feel at ease during your elopement. Knowing what characteristics are important to you can help you continue to narrow down your elopement photographer list.

Client Experience

So, by this point you probably know your budget, the photography style, and the shooting style that you want. You are now left with a short list of photographers who meet all of your previous criteria.

How can you narrow that down even further?

Head over to google and type in their business. What do the reviews say? How many reviews do they have? Are there any negative reviews? If so, how did the photographer respond to them? Every photographer provides a different type of client experience. Some just show up and shoot the elopement. Some are with you through every step. You should be able to tell what sets the photographers apart between those with 100 5-star reviews and those with one or two. By the way their clients talk about the experience of working with them, you’ll see which photographers provide an awesome experience.

Working with Me

Now that we have gone over all of the tips and tricks to help you find your perfect elopement photographer, I am going to tell you why I think you would have the best experience working with me.

With 100+ 5-star Google reviews, I have worked with many couples who have all had the best experience working with me! My photography style is considered bold, bright, true-to-color and is all about capturing the genuine personalities of my couples. I also hand-edit every image, so that they are all up to my clients standards. When taking photos, I make being yourself easy. No awkwardness here!! Keeping you comfortable and having fun is my forte. You won’t have to stress about posing or looking stiff.

I am an enneagram 1w2 (high standards, attention to detail, always making sure you’re feeling & looking your best, helpful in every aspect). I’m easy-going, always smiling, and here to help you feel stress-free. I am proficient in all lighting, so no matter the light or venue, you are going to receive amazing photos. I pride myself on my quick communication.

But really: What sets me apart, you may ask?

• You’ll receive an elopement guide upon booking – it includes tips on making your elopement day as stress-free & fun as possible
• I will check in & communicate while you’re planning, so if you need any help with vendor recs or elopement ideas, I’m here for you. I’m not one to drop off all the way until the elopement – no way!
• A free photo timeline is included when you book with me. I’m a natural with planning & organization.
• You’ll receive sneak peeks of your elopement within 2 DAYS!
• I will provide a “What To Wear Guide” for your engagement session.
• Finally, I have a secret location list just for my clients… talk about added value!

I am inclusive for all. No matter who you are, what your story is, or who you love, I am in it for everyone. You deserve an elopement photographer to champion with you through the entire process!