Colorful Studio Photoshoot for Mattheperson

Tik Tok Star, Mattheperson (Matt Taylor) & I collaborated on this bold & colorful photoshoot in the studio.

After a few video calls & stops at the thrift store together, we conceptualized multiple color palettes & wardrobe changes that aligned with Matt’s aesthetic. It’s a wonder what you can find at a thrift store! As I am leaning more into styling fashion editorials, this photoshoot is the perfect segway into the style of imagery I want to create more often in the future! Artistic, vibrant, and made of dreams.
We combined our thrift shop finds with Matt’s closet and my sub-par makeup skills to create four looks.
  1. Cocoa – Based solely off of Matt’s personal closet. The cocoa backdrop, one-toned outfit, and banana socks really speak to his personality.
  2. Teal – Matt’s own pants paired with a second-hand turtleneck & jacket find made for bold, color-blocking results. We found inspiration in the mid-century modern era to make these feel vintage, yet modern.
  3. Flamingo Pink – Bright iridescence is the first word that comes to mind when looking at these. Believe it or not, that pink jacket was also found by thrifting – and it now resides rent free in my own closet. (honestly, everything we found does)
  4. Combining all of the colors – As we ended the day, our creativity was at 100%. In a thrifted pink sweat suit, Matt modeled in front of a white wall, while I played with different lighting setups & colored gels to create the unique effects you’re seeing in the photos.

I highly encourage you to plan a shoot just for experimenting, because I left feeling SO inspired by the art we created that day & will forever now have new techniques I can use to take photos in the future.

Fashion Editorial with Mattheperson

Photographer & Stylist | Jordan Taylor Photography

Model | Matt Taylor

Studio | The Studio Tulsa