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Hey there!

I’m Jordan.

I’m an Oklahoma-based photographer, passionate creator, and puppy lover (OoOoh, and have you noticed that I love yellow?)! I believe in intentional design, doing work that feels like play, and being mindful of the little things — because it’s always the little things that mean the most.

I’m a one on the enneagram. My natural instincts are to lean towards perfection, but of course we all know that’s not feasible. So my philosophy is to ALWAYS work to the best of my ability. No matter the project, couple, individual, location, concept, or idea. I just care. A LOT.


I’ve photographed a countless number of weddings & love stories, worked with numerous businesses around Oklahoma, and commissioned many editorials with Something Blue Journal as their primary photographer. I love to create with intention and purpose.

So, I've told you my story... I think it's time you tell me yours!


fun facts

  • Attended school for photography and competed in SkillsUSA regionals and state: placing 1st, and nationals: placing 3rd as the Oklahoma representative

  • Constantly finding the balance between technical and emotional documentation

  • Enneagram type 1w2 - intentional, compassionate, honorable, and steadfast

  • Love of all colors - but if you ask, I’ll probably say yellow

  • Alternative rock is my jam, but I’m always listening to a huge variety

  • Currently dreaming of living in the PNW and taking road-trips every week

  • Professional packer

  • Keeps a clean house

  • My puppies are my pride and joy

  • Husband is my best friend first - always the “elderly couple” of the group for having bedtimes

  • Find me listening to a murder podcast or watching Netflix when editing

  • Workaholic tendencies, because I want everything the best I can possibly make it

  • Most passionate person in the room

  • Very Detail-Oriented

  • Intentionality in everything I do


passion projects

rainy days, but also sunsets

chocolate always

finn, my pupper

productive work days

crossing things off a list

words of affirmation


the pnw


good music

spa days

fall clothing…fall time

wearing yellow

studio time

trying new foods

photographing couples


rough drafts

ron swanson


being effective

dry, dark humor

the office

exploring a new place


making people laugh by being a dork


Not favorites:

unkind, close-minded fellow humans

unkept promises

crooked horizons in photos

over-exposed images


incorrect blinker usage

non-constructive feedback

“I am a good person who leaves things better than I found them.”


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The Experience

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