Philbrook Museum Engagement Session in the Gardens

Proposal turned Engagement turned Day After Photos.

Confused? Let me explain! When Christian first contacted me, he had plans to propose to Kelsie at the Philbrook Museum. He told me all about their relationship & wow, lemme tell you, they are both so sweeeeet.

2 years ago, these two met after Christian broke his hand and move from night shifts to daytime shifts at his job. After talking all summer, Christian moved back to nights, but they continued to talk. Crazy differing schedules couldn’t hold them back. Finally, Kelsie popped off the question about a double date with her friend, and it all began. And funnily enough, he says he would break his hand again, just so he could be sure to have met Kelsie!

As the proposal session started to approach, I recieved an email from Christian that they’re now getting married. My thought was, “how did it turn from a proposal to getting married?” Nonetheless, I was so excited for them! In 2 weeks time, Christian & Kelsie planned a wedding & tied the knot the day before this session. Which in way, this session was technically a day after session. And I am alllll for it! First day married vibes are the best kind of vibes & I have all kinds of respect for how they pulled it all off. Congratulations, Christian & Kelsie!!

Christian & Kelsie | Engagement Session

Photographer | Jordan Taylor Photography

Venue | The Philbrook Museum of Art

Isn’t the Philbrook Museum just stunning?