Earthy-Toned Wedding in Arkansas, Willow Brooke Farm

Ragan & Shawn’s wedding was pure joy.

It’s almost insane how many people love these two – they’re just SO easy to love. Which is why I’m almost sad that this season is over – but I know it’s not the end. I’ll see them both soon enough, and we’ll forever be friends.

When we first met, Ragan started out as a bridesmaid at a wedding in March of 2018. (ayyyy Christa’s!!) November 2018 – Ragan texts me, and tells me she loved the way I handled Christa’s wedding. WE. HIT. IT. OFF. Booked, and next thing we know it, I’m out in Fayetteville, exploring the city with Ragan & Shawn for their engagement photos. I immediately knew that these two would be some of my favorite people.

The wedding arrived, and I felt like part of the wedding party. Christa, my past bride, was there to welcome me, and Ragan ran over yelling “JORDAN!! I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE HERE!” as soon as I walked in. I looooove these people – not only my bride and groom, but the amazing family, wedding party, and vendor team. I will FOREVER cherish this day.

Quick story time.

Ragan & Shawn’s wedding took place on May 4th. You know, “May the 4th be with you.” Star Wars played during the reception. I spotted some lightsabers, too. WELL. Ragan and I were talking about her first look as I was hanging her dress for detail shots, and she casually mentions: “I meant to buy a Darth Vader mask, but completely forgot.”

And I paused for a moment…thinking… Just the day before, I was cleaning out my car, and I stumbled upon a few items. For some reason, I chose to keep these items in my car, EVEN THOUGH, I cleaned everything else out. I didn’t know why, but I felt like I needed it.

Back to the story.

Ragan mentioned that she wished she had a darth vader mask. I don’t know how, and I don’t know where, BUT, the item I chose to keep in my car was a Darth Vader mask!! I told this to Ragan, and she started freaking out, and I started freaking out and suddenly we were both cracking up at how perfect this was turning out. SO YES, even though it was more for her than for Shawn, she wore the Darth Vader mask for their first look, and it was a magical, wonderful accident that I happened to cause.

Shawn & Ragan | Wedding Day

Photographer | Jordan Taylor Photography
Venue | Willow Brook Farm Venue
Videographer | Alec Ward Creative
Florist | Stems by Em
Coordinator | Aislinn Blankenship
Dresses | Joon Bridal
Suits | The Groomsmen Suit
Catering | La Heurta
Cake | Stewart Sweet Treats

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