Should we have a first look?

At some point in your elopement planning process, it’s going to happen. You’re going to get asked the question “Are you going to do a first look?” Maybe you immediately know the answer or maybe you haven’t put too much thought into it. If you’re anything like me, you want to know both sides before you make any kind of decision, especially while planning for the elopement. Now trust me, I’ve heard ALLLLL the pros & cons to a First Look. There may be some well intentioned friends and family who are going to tell you what you should do. Whether you want to stick with tradition or not (although eloping is already quite non-traditional), be sure to choose the option that best represents your elopement day expectations!

Now… let’s dive into some information of having a first look on your elopement day!

What is a first look?

A first look is just as it sounds. It gives the couple the opportunity to see each other first – before the ceremony. Now, the first look does not have to be limited to a first look with just your partner. You can do a first look with anyone. Some common choices are first looks with parents, siblings or the wedding party.

Why do people like first looks?

There is just something so special about a first look. You only have one elopement day, and if you can slow it down just a bit, won’t it make it more enjoyable? I call the First Look the stress-free option. Spend more of the day together, calm each other’s nerves, laugh & giggle as you prepare for an adventure of a day, and make your schedule so much easier! There is no trying to keep your composure or stressing about avoiding each other before the ceremony. No separate cars or AirBnB’s or plans. It is just you two, alone in the moment!

First Look

You’ll have a smoother timeline because you can enjoy each other’s company all day & have photos taken together of the process. This means your guests aren’t waiting around too long after the ceremony for you to finish all of the portraits, and it allows you to get to any small gatherings quicker. The day will go by fast, and I want you to be able to enjoy every second of it. It is also more private and relaxed. This is just your moment. If you find yourself to be anxious in front of people, you can opt to read private vows to each other during your first look, rather than the ceremony. For the ceremony, you can stick to traditional vows or none at all.

Aisle Look

An aisle look is traditional and can be very emotional for both partners. Many dream of the day they walk down the aisle, in their dream dress, at their dream venue, and with their dream person. And I don’t blame them! This brings in a lot of anticipation & excitement.

First Look Pros:

+ extra photos & 2 emotional reactions out of your partner

+ smoother timeline

+ All Wedding Party & Couple Portraits can be finished before the ceremony

+ Guests aren’t waiting around too long after the ceremony

+ Much more private & relaxed & natural throughout the day

+ Add in private vows if you’re too shy to read them during the ceremony

First Look Cons:

+ kicks tradition out the window

So, what will you be having? An Aisle Look or a First Look?