Spain Ranch Engagement Session

Seun & Jordan’s engagement session at Spain Ranch captured just how much they adore each other.

At this point, I sound like a broken record – but Spain Ranch will always be a special place to me. After getting married there, in the white barn, nostalgia floods my head as soon as I enter winding road down to the two English style barns. “Set on 44 acres of secluded wooded forests, hills, pastures, a winding creek and a pond, the options for portraits across the ranch are endless.” – Spain Ranch

Seun & Jordan chose Spain Ranch for the same reasons I did – the beauty and sense of peace that the venue brings to the planning process and wedding day. Because like I mentioned above, the views are everywhere you look, therefore, Spain Ranch was also the perfect place for the engagement session.

After having been together for 9 years, Seun & Jordan will be getting married around their 10th anniversary, which I find so incredible! They are so reserved & sweet – bringing a very calm and grounding nature wherever they are. One of my most loved questions to ask couples is what their favorite thing about each other is. I asked Seun while Jordan was cuddled up in his arms, and this was his answer: “I love the way Jordan is as a whole person. The way she views the world and how she cares for people. She embodies love and nothing can compare to what it is like being around her.” From Jordan’s point of view, her favorite thing about Seun is that “Seun is the best person I’ve ever met. He isn’t easy to get to know and there is this kind of mystery around him, like you never will fully know what he is thinking […]. Once Seun let’s you into his world, you will never want to leave. My favorite thing about him is truly him as a whole. He’s so real and doesn’t conform to the status quo. He is unapologetically himself and it’s the most beautiful thing to watch him shine. “

I took so much from being able to hear Seun & Jordan speak so highly of each other. They have grown up, moved, chosen careers, traveled together, and soon, they will be married for even more adventures to come. I’m thankful that I could document Seun & Jordan for their first photo session as a couple, because it was truly special.

Seun & Jordan | Engagement Session

Photographer | Jordan Taylor Photography

Venue | Spain Ranch

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