Indoor Botanical Garden Proposal, The Canopy Tulsa

Are you looking for a place to propose inside during the Tulsa winter time?

I’ve got the perfect place! You can follow in Bella & Shelby’s footsteps by getting engaged at The Canopy Tulsa, which is located right in the Tulsa Arts District near Guthrie Green. It’s an industrial, botanical venue filled with tropical plants, skylight pouring in, and so much potential.

Bella contacted me way in advance to plan her proposal to Shelby – and upon brainstorming, Bella fell in love with the idea of The Canopy. She then rented a loveseat, pillows, rug, and pouf from Scavenged Vintage Rentals to make it a cozy backdrop for asking Shelby to marry her. This photoshoot was planned all with Shelby’s knowledge, but what she didn’t know was that rather than it being just a simple couple session – it was going to turn out as an engagement session instead.

Bella & Shelby arrived from Arkansas 3 hours away & met me in front of the venue. Bella, having no pockets in her stunning jumpsuit, snuck the ring to me while Shelby took a look around & I then hid it in my pocket. After taking a few photos, I posed Shelby & Bella back to back & then walked over to “fix Bella’s hair” when really, I was handing her the ring and signaling it was time to get down on one knee. She did as I asked Shelby to turn around, and from then on, they were engaged!

The session & proposal couldn’t have gone better. It went by so fast & I loved getting to celebrate with Bella & Shelby!

The Canopy Tulsa Proposal & Engagement Session

Photographer | Jordan Taylor Photography

Venue | The Canopy Tulsa & Tulsa Arts District

Rentals | Scavenged Vintage Rentals

Couple | Bella & Shelby

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