Dark Fruit Grove - Styled Wedding Shoot

    Dark Fruit Grove

   In the little, big town of Tulsa, Oklahoma, when you see a photo, it is usually recognizable as to where it was taken. Our goal was to find a location that people wouldn’t identify as Tulsa. Couples should dream, and this imagination shouldn’t be limited to the ordinary of the city, because there is beauty to find everywhere. In doing this, the locals wouldn’t be distracted by the cliché look of an Oklahoma wedding. By the Arkansas River, with its sand, forest, field, and meadows, we wanted to show couples that any location could be transformed into the wedding of their dreams. There is so much that goes into each wedding, and the most important aspect is choosing an amazing team of vendors that perfectly fits the couples’ style, personality, and dream. 

       A passionate group of woman, committed to trekking off road in the sand and heat, created something beautiful for the love of their crafts and the love of weddings. We wanted to showcase a moody, fall wedding, and to do so, we had a perfect plan. As we all know, perfect plans don’t always work out the way you want them to. In the wedding industry, it’s about being quick on your feet and prepared for anything. We had rented a truck to haul the supplies/furniture out about half a mile off-road. Little did we know that our trusty rental truck wouldn't make it through the sandy trails. Stuck in about a foot of sand, the wheels whirled until they lost all traction. There was no time to panic, so we immediately started unloading the truck and carrying wooden pallets, decorations, place settings, and furniture down the river. Although the walk was extremely difficult and the materials were heavy, there was no way we could give up on our dream. Originally, the truck was going to shuttle all vendors to the location, but instead, our vendors hiked with cake, floral arrangements, rentals, and more in hand. The bride and groom even had a little hike in their dress and suit. Not one complained, because as we all know, nothing ever seems to go as planned in the wedding industry. Through all the sweat, sunburns, and bug bites, the outcome of the styled wedding shoot was so worth it.  

        Fruit was our inspiration for the styled shoot. By bringing in these deep fruits and colors, this earthy, intimate, and romantic feel was sown. The florist incorporated pomegranates, blackberries, and pears into the bridal bouquet and centerpiece, while the half-naked wedding cake was covered with a blackberry drizzle and topped with figs, grapes, blackberries, and passion fruit. Instead of a groom’s cake, the baker made a gorgeous blackberry pie that was so pretty, it was sad to cut it up. Our incredible calligrapher's hand wrote the menu onto the edge of the plate and went all out with the invitations using wax and fruit stamps. We wanted to use a couple who was truly in love, so we reached out to two partners that will be tying the knot this upcoming November. The bride was Miss Oklahoma 2015, and by watching her, it was obvious that she had experience in front of a camera. All in all, you know you have a great team of vendors when all you give is an idea and feeling for the look, tell them to run with it, and they all deliver above and beyond. 

    Once the shoot was wrapped up, and the materials were dragged back to the abandoned truck in the sand, it was time to give every effort towards freeing the vehicle. After digging and digging for hours in the pitch black of the night, taking a trip for rope and wood, and scavenging the area for anything to give the wheels traction, it was time to give up at 11:00pm. Bodies exhausted and eyes heavy, we headed home to get some well-deserved rest. The good thing about living in a little, big town is that friends help friends, and in this case, a friend of a friend of a friend towed us out for free the next day. In the end, this stunning photo shoot would not have been possible without our awesome team of woman, who dedicated time, money and so much energy for the love of love.

- in the eyes of Malyn Made Weddings + Jordan Taylor Photography


Photographer: Jordan Taylor Photography

Videographer: Valerie Grant Visuals

Wedding Coordinator: Malyn Made Weddings

Florals: Crooked Roots Design

Floral Wholesale: Grace Rose Farm

Floral Ribbon: Tono + Co.

Paper Details & Calligraphy: Laurel & Marie

Models: Georgia Lynn Frazier (Miss Oklahoma 2015) + Todd Canady

Bridal Gown: Sherri Hill + Serendipity

Hair & Make Up: Shaina Wise

Cake + Pie: Sweet Devotion Cakery

Rentals: Party Pro Rents