Wes Anderson Inspired Couple Session in Studio

Have you ever seen an old Wes Anderson film and felt inspired?

Cynthia & Bailey came in with a distinct vision for their studio session to have a Wes Anderson vibe – nostalgic, unique color interests, and quite symmetric. Using a forest green rolling wooden backdrop, paired with Cynthia & Bailey’s stylish wardrobe – we created a calming color palette that felt vintage. As we started our session, these two were in such a good rhythm with each other that no matter the set – they found comfort near one another. They told me that one of their favorite past times is having their photos taken & documenting their life together as a married couple. Definitely a goal for all of us to strive towards!

Studio Couple Session, Seattle Photographer

Photographer | Jordan Taylor Photography

Studio | The Studio Tulsa

Couple | Cynthia & Bailey

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