What is a Day After Session?

What is a day after session?

A day after session is when the newly-married couple and a photographer go out for one more photo shoot after the wedding in wedding attire.

It can take place anywhere from the day after to the one-year anniversary!

Why do a day after session?

Imagine this:

It’s your wedding day.
The ceremony just ended, family & wedding party pictures were taken,
and it’s finally time for just you two.
You’re on your way to spend your first few moments alone with babe!
It’s all planned out: a stunning location, epic sunset lighting, and 30 minutes for those stunning couple portraits you always dreamed of!

But your phone rings…. Mom is wondering where the heck you are?
The cocktail hour is about to end and guests are getting impatient!

So suddenly, your 30 minutes is reduced to 10. Your expectations are shattered.
There’s no time to execute your vision, and it all feels so rushed!

This is where the day after session comes in handy.
The focus is on you. Not the wedding, not the schedule, what YOU want.


+ No stress – the wedding is over.
There are no guests waiting around for you to show up.
You can focus on each other without distraction, pushy coordinators,
and overbearing family members.

+ More photos for the wedding album!

+ If the weather simply sucks on your wedding day, you get a redo!

+ Things happen that are unplanned,
and sometimes you just don’t have time for those intimate couple portraits.
This will make time for those.

+ An amazing opportunity to get creative!
Whether that be with your location choice, makeup, hair,
or the way you want the images to feel.

+ Wear that wedding dress more than once!
Heck — you spent quite a dime on it, get your money’s worth, baby!

Think about it:

Wouldn’t you have a better time without the pressing matter of a wedding schedule, becoming hangrier by the second, and wanting to join your wedding party for the first round of shots?