Where to take Engagement Photos in Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you feel stuck on where you should take your engagement photos in Tulsa,

I just want you to know…

There are so many options!

I’ve been in the Tulsa area for nearly half of my life! I’ve discovered the staple locations that we all know and love, as well as hidden treasures of the city. I want to provide you with some inspo that will get you feeling so STOKED for your engagement session.

First, decide what kind of location(s) you’re dreaming of.

Want an urban feel? Adventurous? Nature-focused? Indoors? In water? With your puppies? In a helicopter? In a submarine? Sky-diving? Tight-rope walking?

Okay, okay. Maybe not sky-diving… but you do you 😉

Now that you have a bit of a vision, are there any locations that are sentimental to you?

Do you have any special date spots? Where do you enjoy being together?
Like to read books, get coffee, garden, hike, thrift shop, ride bikes, picnic?
Whatever activities or places you cherish can be incorporated into your session.

Many wedding venues will give you a chance to schedule your engagements there!

If you absolutely adore where you’re getting married, schedule your engagement session with the venue. On average, you’ll be given 45 minutes-1 hour for photos!

Want something a little more unique? Let’s plan a studio session!

A studio session can cater to any style. Want something more colorful? I have many backdrops to choose from, and I’ll help you style your outfits to match. Want a more neutral concept? Go with a white, grey, pecan, or black backdrop.

Studio sessions are

extremely customizable and easy.

Ideas don’t just stop in Tulsa. I am always open to traveling to a cool destination!

There are a number of super awesome locations in Oklahoma for an adventurous engagement session! The Great Salt Plains, Wichita Mountains, Gloss Mountains, Little Sahara, Turner Falls, OKC, and more.

Bring me to you!

I’m not limited to Oklahoma. I’ve been to multiple different states for engagement sessions, including Washington, Texas, and Arkansas more recently.

Or maybe a great spot is a little closer to home than you thought…

An in-home session is another option for your engagements! You’re in the comfort of everything that makes you happy. You can snuggle up on the couch, make some pancakes, drink coffee, and enjoy the window light together.

Bonus Location Ideas for Tulsa

1. Downtown Tulsa

2. Philbrook Museum (Permit Fee Applies)

3. Woodward Park & Greenhouse (Permit Fee Applies)

4. Gilcrease Museum

5. Urban Shops (such as coffee shop, book stores, bakery’s, record stores, laundromats, restaurants)

6. Chandler Park

7. Tall Chief Cove Beach, Skiatook Lake

No matter where you choose to take your engagement photos, it’s smart to keep the light in mind. Planning an indoor or studio session? Aim for day time. Want outdoor photos? Be sure to check the time of the sunrise & sunset.

All-in-all, I have high hopes that this quick read will help you find where you should take your engagement photos around Tulsa!

Whatever the location may be, the number one person that will make you feel comfortable during your engagement session is your photographer.

Count me in as dorky, so you can feel welcome to be yourself. Enjoy. 🙂
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