Where to Elope in Tulsa, Venue/Location List

A comprehensive list of the best Tulsa venues for eloping!

You’re engaged, Yay!! You immediately jump into wedding planning. Before long the guest list is 350, ideas of a seating chart is causing you to break out in hives and you begin to feel as if the whole wedding is about the party and not the actual marriage. Let’s throw in a certain pandemic and now eloping sounds like the best choice for you and your fiancé. Gone are the days where you have to run off to elope (but if you want to, you know where to find me!) By eloping close to home, you are able to take the very best parts of a traditional wedding and mix them with all of the things that would truly make you and your fiancé happy.

A wedding that feel authentic to who you both are.

I have put together a list of some of the best venues and locations in and around the Tulsa area to elope, and if you’re looking for a photographer — I may know someone. *wink*

Turkey Mountain

At Turkey Mountain, there is an endless possibility of places to elope! From a rock arch to a vast field of grass to a hiking trail with a canopy of trees overhead, you can find the perfect spot to marry your best friend.

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Spain Ranch Black Barn

The Spain Ranch Black barn is located in Tulsa and is a stunning, modern option for a wedding venue. It is one of the most in demand wedding venues in the state. Spain Ranch offers different elopement packages for the Black Barn that are affordable without having to settle for a location you do not love!

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Harwelden Mansion

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The Harwelden Mansion is one of Tulsa’s most distinguished national historic landmarks, and with its newest modern renovations, it’s a stunning place to get married. You get to have the feeling of old & historic while also experiencing luxurious interior design throughout the mansion. Surrounding the structure is a vast garden, fairy-light covered patio, and beautifully paved details.

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Dream Point Ranch

You seriously can’t go wrong with the view at Dream Point Ranch– a stunning white barn with twinkling bistro lights, a ceremony space overlooking the Arkansas River, and you’re on top of a freakin’ hill for crying out loud. It’s everything you could dream of and more. So much land to frolic around with your new partner for life.

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Philbrook Museum of Art

Surround yourself in the history behind the Philbrook and reflect a style that fits the times. If you’re looking for a wedding venue for a large wedding or for your elopement, The Philbrook has so many breathtaking areas for your ceremony.

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The Canopy Tulsa

In the heart of Tulsa’s Art District, you’ll find the newly established – industrial, botanical event venue called The Canopy. This urban greenhouse hosts small weddings, elopements, and more – where there are over 20 tropical plants, a large skylight, and 17ft high ceilings. Perfect in any weather.

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Glass Chapel

The Glass Chapel is a stunning wedding venue located in Broken Arrow, just outside of Tulsa. This venue is elegant and timeless, they are also currently offering elopement packages!

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The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place has so many cool spots for photos. The paths lead to patches of overgrown wildflowers, large trees, a sand beach, and even tunnels that led through the ground.

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The Mansion at Woodward Park

The Mansion at Woodward Park is a showstopper. A elegant mansion located in Woodward Park. From historic weddings to mansion weddings – the Mansion brings a timeless feel to your elopement.

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Bar 473

The building features a full bar in a historical building off of the old Route 66. Stunning white brick walls, modern light fixtures, indoor/outdoor spaces, bathrooms on-site, and a full stage for your live music. 473 would be an incredible venue to host your wedding or elopement!

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If you’re anything like me, you love to travel & adventure. For those seeking a bit of a destination, try checking out these Oklahoma-based locations for your elopement.

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Three hours out from Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Wichita Mountains are full of stunning landscapes from mountains, rock formations, vast fields, lakes, miles of roadside, and incredible sunsets. With the variety of views at the refuge, there is a guaranteed spot to fit your adventurous vision. Keep in mind that ceremonies are prohibited within the park (there are plenty of spots outside of the refuge for this), but portraits can be taken anywhere with a photography permit.

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Broken Bow / Beaver’s Bend State Park

Another location with vast views is the Broken Bow / Beavers Bend State Park area. There are MANY cabins & AirBnB’s to choose from, which make perfect spots for a ceremony (inside or outside). You’ll find pine trees, lake views, and beautiful greens while exploring the park.

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Turner Falls

Turner Falls is home to Oklahoma’s largest waterfall. What a more perfect background for your elopement than a beautiful waterfall that is surrounded by stunning landscapes.

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Great Salt Plains Selenite Digging Area

Everytime I see the Great Salt Plains, I think – wow – how is this in Oklahoma? The ground is a bright white & the landscape makes it a blank slate for your elopement dreams. Any colors would fit right in & there is so much space to roam.

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Gloss Mountains

Only 2.5 hours away from Tulsa is the Gloss Mountain State Park where you can see everything from desert landscapes to succulents on the ground. It is free to have your elopement or photoshoot here.

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While you’re checking these out, here are some other beautiful elopement options to see:

The Restore House

Willow Creek Mansion

Give me a holler while planning – I can help direct you to the right venue based on your vision!