Why You Can Save Money with a Weekday Wedding

In a new series called The Atypical Wedding Spotlight, Spain Ranch is covering multiple non-traditional wedding topics, and I spoke with Cecily about my own experience planning my weekday wedding.

When I was planning my wedding back in 2017, I discovered that there were many perks to choosing a weekday wedding – both personally & financially. There were advantages that I was expecting, but overall, many of the pros were quite shocking.

Keep reading to hear about the surprising benefits of a weekday wedding & how it can actually help you have your dream wedding by saving money.


Why did Jordan choose a Monday wedding?

As a wedding professional, I already knew that Saturdays & weekends in general book up very quickly, but another thing that was on my mind is that I’m not even used to having a weekend & neither is my now husband. Monday is our weekend, since we both work in service based industries.

On top of Monday being our weekend, it was pretty much a guarantee that our first choice in wedding vendors would be available as well.


Are my guests still going to attend a weekday wedding?

Yes! The people that love you will be there – or at least try their very best.

For reference, I invited 150 guests & 120 attended…ON A MONDAY! That’s 80% of my guest list.

On average, between 75-85% of wedding guests invited will attend your wedding. The breakdown: 85 percent of local guests, 55 percent of out-of-town guests, and 35 percent of destination wedding guests will show up

What is the most-surprising perk of a weekday wedding that you wouldn’t have with a weekend wedding?

SAVING MONEY HANDS DOWN! Because I chose a weekday wedding collection with my venue, I saved over $2000! Thousands that I wouldn’t have originally had to put towards my florals, invitations, and a photographer. Of course we all want to save money on our wedding right? Especially when you don’t even have to DIY any of it!

Another way I saved money was that midweek flights were cheaper for our honeymoon. Rather than traditionally flying out the day after the wedding (generally a Sunday), my husband and I flew out on a Tuesday, making our travel costs drop.


In your opinion, after having a weekday wedding yourself and shooting many weekday weddings, what are some of the biggest misconceptions about having a weekday wedding?

Number one biggest misconception is that “guests will be less inclined to attend.” In my experience as a weekday wedding bride & vendor – this is more often than not: false.

The second is that your crowd will be “quieter.” Also not true. The same people you expect to dance and have fun will still be the person they are – no matter the day of the week. 


As a photographer, what would be the advantage of booking with you for a weekday wedding?

Wedding photographers (and most wedding vendors) book up to a year in advanced & sometimes even further out. That means that any spring & fall dates fill up QUICK. You’ll have more dates to choose from in peak wedding season, when the weather is nice & pretty.

I think the biggest takeaway here is that you won’t know the day of the week by looking at the photos. Guests are going to remember the experience – the food, ceremony, events taking place. Your photos are going to capture that, not that it was a weekday wedding. In years time, anyone seeing your wedding photos are going to think – wow, that was a good time. Not – wow, reeks of a weekday wedding. (ahaha)

What time should my ceremony be if my guests don’t get off work until 5pm?

Most couples want that golden sunlight, but that may not be possible during the fall / winter months on a weekday, where you’re combatting work schedules & sunset. The summer months will allow a ceremony and photos with all natural light. A winter ceremony will not. It’s important to keep this in mind and hire vendors that can make it just as magical – such as a photographer that can properly light in the dark or a DJ that can uplight. Get creative with the uniqueness of having a ceremony after dark. Have a first look before the sun goes down for sunset photos or hire your photographer for a wedding portrait session in your attire sometime after the wedding. 

As a frame of reference for your ceremony time, look up what time the sun sets in your location on Google. (Ex. “what time does the sunset on April 14, 2022 in Tacoma, Washington?”) Try to aim for 2 hours before the sun set for your ceremony time – this will leave sun light for any of your portraits afterwards.

After having my own weekday wedding, I realized there really aren’t any cons. I experienced nothing but good from my decision & looking back, I love that my husband & I chose to go a route that made us happy & more flexible in our budget for our dream vendors.

Do you have questions about having a weekday wedding? Comment & ask below!